Phase 1

Strategy and Concept
Because great design starts by understanding your problems, we begin by asking questions - A lot of questions. We work to understand your goals, customer, project parameters and desired outcomes. We research your intended audiences, and study the competition. We define the design problems and discover strategies for solving those problems effectively and memorably.

Phase 2

Creative exploration and Design Development
Here is where we further our creative thinking into the three-dimensional design of the project. Every choice, from layout and material to furniture and style is made with your design goals in mind. The stand-out ideas are chosen for development into detailed concepts, and are further refined.
At this stage we will provide:
  • Refined planning for all areas
  • Ceiling and lighting plans for key areas
  • Three-dimensional renderings showing selected views
  • Furniture selections and material boards

Phase 3

All the planning in the world is wasted without proper execution. At this phase we sweat the details, ensuring that every element works to aid the design goals of the project. Once the final design is approved we prepare drawings and specifications to move the design forward for construction.
At this stage we provide:
  • Construction Drawings
  • MEP specifications
  • Material Specifications
  • Ironmongery Specifications
  • Sanitary Specifications

Phase 4

Our work isn't done after the documentation delivers. We work closely with all contractors to ensure that your ?nished product meets our (and your) standards of excellence. We will help try to sort out problems as they arise. We want to know how it's working. We work with you to gather feedback, and evaluate not only how the process went, but also what the response has been from the target audiences.
At this stage we provide:
  • A review of contractors shop drawings and prototypes
  • Periodic site visits to discover problems
  • Final set up of MEP
  • The finished project